Pride Transport and Towing offers a wide variety of transport services:

– Short to Long Distance Vehicle Transportation
– Classic Car Transport
– Exotic Car Transport
– Construction Equipment and Materials
– Farm Equipment
– Machinery Transport
– Shed Transport
– And more!
If you have any questions about whether we can help you transport your equipment, materials, or vehicle call us at (602) 909- 1157 and we would be happy to help!

Equipment Hauling and Transport

Hauling machinery from one location to another is no joke. There are so many things that you need to keep in mind, such as the safety of the machine, loading it on to the truck, taking it down from the truck, and ensuring that it doesn’t dent or get any scratches during this process.

This means you need to arrange for transport that protects your machine from all sides. While that may turn out to be an expensive search, you can always hire us instead, because we provide flatbed trucks to shift your machine to your desired location.

Vehicle Hauling and Transport

Apart from machines, our flatbed trucks are also efficient in carrying lightweight 4-wheelers. You may have seen trucks in Phoenix, Arizona carrying machines or cars instead of towing them. These trucks have open ends from all sides at the back.

These are flatbed trucks. They are suitable for carrying lightweight machines and cars, and we promise to transport your items safely to your destination also.

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Why choose Pride Transport and Towing to Transport for you?

  1. Easy loading and unloading

Thanks to the open ends of a flatbed truck, it helps us load and unload cars and machines without running into the risk of denting them. Conventional trucks with enclosed spaces are useful for carrying furniture but we believe that when it comes to machines and cars, there’s no substitute for flatbed trucks.

Most importantly, we are able to unload heavy objects easily from any side of these trucks. This means you don’t need to worry about shifting any lightweight machinery or car when we are around.

  1. Ample space

Flatbed trucks come with enough space to accommodate machine parts, cars, and construction equipment. There are no limitations regarding the type of object you transport.

We just make sure that the weight of the object is compatible with what our trucks can carry. As long as they match, we don’t have a problem carrying anything that you give us.

  1. No loading dock

Many people say that dry van service is better as they provide more safety because of their enclosed structures. True enough, but do you know that dry van services require an additional dock to load and unload the items you want to carry?

There’s no such limitation with flatbed trucks. We can load your items any time you tell us. In fact, our flatbed trucks also act as roadside recovery vehicles so that you don’t need to remain stranded on highways for hours.

  1. Protection and safety

We have been in this business in Phoenix for years. You can count on us to provide safe transfer of your objects using our flatbed trucks. Whether it is roadside recovery or transporting one of the most expensive machines in your factory, we always put the best foot forward to make sure that you don’t have anything to complain against us.

If you are looking to safely haul your car or machine without spending a fortune, contact us immediately. We can set a date and get things moving as soon as possible.