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We love going out on adventures! Sometimes the road gets a little to rough though. At Pride transport and Towing we are proud to be able to offer you assistance to get you back on the trails as quickly as possible. If you are in need of off road recovery give us a call at: (602) 909-1157

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Getting stuck on mud or sand when driving is something that many drivers have experienced, especially for those who are used to off-road adventures. It can take minutes or hours to get unstuck. It all depends on how you handle the situation.

However, if you do not know what you do, you can contact a tow truck company and ask for help. This the safest and quickest option if you do not have the right tools to unstuck your car from the mud or sand.

Off Road Recovery In The Phoenix Valley

If you have experienced another or more serious situation while off road and need off road recovery, contact us immediately to see how we can help. Here are a few tips you can use next time you find yourself facing the same problem.

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Vehicle Stuck In the Phoenix Valley

4 Tips To Get Your Vehicle Unstuck From Mud Or Sand. To save you a little time and money.

  1. Rock The Car Out.

Rocking the vehicle out of the mud or sandy surface is not easy, and you cannot do it alone. The method is easy but it must be done at the right timing. For you to start rocking the car out, you need to rock the vehicle backward and forward so that it can gain momentum. if the vehicle does not have enough room to swing, create space by removing any objects that are close to the vehicle. Moreover, the driver should cause the car to make slight movements by engaging the reverse gear and first gear so that it can wiggle continuously.

  1. Dig Out The Sand Or Mud.

If the muddy or sandy surface is not too deep, you can try to dig around the tires. If you have a shovel in your car, use it to dig out the sand or mud that has built up around the tires. But first, you need to find out how deep the surface is and the best way to do this is to use a stick or a sharp object to measure the depth of the mud or sand. If the muddy or sandy surface is not deep, you can even use your hands to remove the mud or sand if you do not have a shovel.

  1. Create Traction.

Another way of getting a vehicle unstuck from mud or sand is by creating traction around the tires. The reason why vehicles get stuck in the first place is that the wheels lack enough traction, which causes the tires to skid. Therefore, to create enough traction, look for materials that you can use such as wood planks, cardboard, and even twigs. You can also use car mats to create traction for your tires.

  1. Contact Tow Truck Company.

If you run out of ideas or lack the tools needed to unstuck your vehicle from mud or sand, then you might want to contact a tow truck company, especially if you are alone. If you do not have the contacts of any tow truck company, ask someone else to contact them on your behalf, and provide your location. Moreover, make sure that the tow truck company is located nearby for a quick response.


Getting a vehicle unstuck from sand or mud is not easy especially if you are not an experienced driver or have never been in such a situation. However, with the help of these tips, you can be sure that it will not take you too long to get your vehicle unstuck. If you are still having trouble or need help in the future give us a call at (602) 909-1157