What You Can Expect When Calling For A Tow Truck

Calling For A Tow Truck and What To Expect

If you have ever been stranded on the side of the road before, you have likely called for roadside assistance. This is usually how you get a tow truck out to your location. If you have insurance, the help that you will receive will be covered by that policy. If not, can pay for the services so they can help. This is what most people expect when calling a tow truck to assist them in this type of situation. However, there are other things that you can experience that will be slightly different, depending upon your current situation.

What If Your Keys Are Locked In Your Car?

This is likely the most common reason that a tow truck driver is dispatched to a location. People often lock their keys inside of their vehicle. They could have been shopping at the local store or perhaps their vehicle is parked in front of their home. In each case, they will need to have someone get into their vehicle. Tow truck drivers are skilled at getting into locked cars. Similar to a locksmith, they will have a tool similar to a Slim Jim that can assist them. They can even help you if you have a modern lock which has a keypad access point. Tow truck drivers can usually get you inside within a matter of minutes.

What If You Have A Flat Tire?

Another reason that you may need to call a tow truck is that you have a flat tire on your vehicle. You may not be able to change it yourself, or perhaps you do not have the tools necessary to do the job. You may object and discovered that your spare tire is also flat, or perhaps you do not have one that fits properly. When you have a flat tire, you can call a local tow truck company so they can dispatch someone to your location. In most cases, depending upon how far away they are from you, they will be there in less than an hour. It will take them less than 20 minutes to fix most tires. If they cannot do that, they will simply bring you and your vehicle to a location where this can occur.

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What If Your Vehicle Is No Longer Functioning?

If your vehicle is no longer drivable, they will dispatch one of two types of tow trucks. There are the standard tow trucks and those that are flatbeds. A standard tow truck will connect to the axle of your vehicle, lifted slightly, and then tow it to a new location. Flatbed trucks are often brought in if the vehicle is extremely large or if they would not be able to connect a standard tow truck to the vehicle. In both cases, they will send someone out that can help you within the hour.

How Fast Can They Respond?

Most tow truck companies are able to dispatch workers within minutes to your location. However, that does not necessarily mean that they can arrive in minutes. They could be assisting other people, or they could be several miles away. Modern tow truck companies will often have applications that you can download to your phone. Once installed, you can see the exact location of the tow truck driver as they make their way to your location.

What If You Are In An Accident?

There are several things that you will need to do prior to a tow truck driver arriving at the scene of an accident. It is important to get these things done prior to their arrival. For example, you will want to take pictures of your vehicle before it is towed away. You will also want to tell them the extent of damage that has occurred to your vehicle. This will help them determine what type of tow truck they should dispatch in order to move your car or truck. Finally, you should find out where they will be towing your vehicle. This is often dependent upon the type of coverage that you have. They charged by the mile when towing vehicles anywhere. You can have your vehicle towed to a repair shop, or even to your house, if your coverage goes that far.

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Questions That Tow Truck Drivers Will Ask You

You should also be prepared to answer certain questions that a tow truck driver will ask you before coming out to your location. They will first need to know where you are. If you don’t know your exact location, if you have a smart phone, you can often provide them with coordinates. They will then ask what is wrong with your vehicle. This will assist them in determining what they should bring when they come out to help you. Finally, they will ask what type of vehicle you are driving. Depending upon its make, model, size, and whether it is a truck or car, they can decide which tow truck to dispatch to your location.

These are some of the many things that you can expect if you ever need to call for a tow truck. There will always be questions that need to be answered prior to them coming out. Additionally, you now know what to expect depending upon the type of situation you are in. Also remember that it may take them some time to get to your location. Now that you know what to expect when you need to call a tow truck to assist you, you will know exactly what to do and say prior to their arrival.

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