Tips on staying safe while waiting for the tow truck to arrive

Tips on staying safe while waiting for the tow truck to arrive

No one ever anticipates being stranded on the side of the road due to a car failure. However, car problems are quite common, and they can happen at any time when least expected. Regardless of how good you are at maintaining your car, there is still a high possibility that at one point, you will experience a vehicle problem requiring the assistance of a towing service. Having a flat tire, dead battery, engine failure, broken drive belt, being locked out, or being involved in an accident are just but a few of the situations that can leave stranded on the road.

Considering that it can take some time, even for the most dedicated tow truck team, to get to your location, knowing what to do in the meanwhile is very important. It goes without saying that your safety should be your top priority, and the steps you take as you wait for help can make a huge difference.

This article takes a look at some top tips for staying safe while waiting for a tow truck.

  • Move Your Car to a Safer Area

If you happen to face any kind of car trouble in the middle of the road, the first thing you need to do even before calling for help is parking the car in a safer area away from all the traffic. This means pulling your car over to the side of the road, or more preferably, to a nearby parking lot. By doing this, you will avoid inconveniencing other motorists and also minimize the risk of an accident from oncoming traffic. Additionally, it will make it easier for your tow truck company to access and tow your car. However, if you’ve been involved in an accident and it isn’t safe to move your car, it is best that you leave it where it is and move to a safer area.

  • Visibility is Key

The moment you realize that you are experiencing vehicular problems, you need to switch on your hazard lights.

Hazard lights are indicated with a symbol like this.

Whether you have already pulled over to the side of the road or are still on the road, ensure that your hazard lights are on. This not only helps to make other drivers aware of your vehicle’s presence, but it also informs them that you are experiencing car troubles and that they need to exercise increased caution when driving past.

You should also set up warning signals such as flares or reflective triangles. This is especially useful if you are stuck on the road at night or around a bend. You should place the flares or triangles at least 10 to 30 feet away from your car – on both sides if you are on a two-way road.

You should also avoid standing right next to your car as it can be difficult for other drivers to see you. If possible, remain in your car or stand at a safer distance away from the car where other motorists can see you.

  • Gather and Remove Your Valuables

One thing you should keep in mind is that towing companies generally can’t be held liable for any loss or damage to your personal items. Thus, it is your responsibility to ensure that they are safe before your car is towed. This includes things like phones, laptops, crucial documents, cash, and other valuable items. So, before the tow truck arrives, take the time to ensure that you grab everything that you can’t afford to lose from the car.

You should also do this if you have to leave your car for any reason. The last thing you want after suffering a car breakdown is your car getting broken into and your valuables getting stolen.

  • Remain in Your Car

In case you find yourself stranded on the road after a car failure, the safest and most advisable place to be is inside your car. The only exception is when there is a risk of fire or any other reasonable risk. If you are in the company of your family, ensure that you lock your doors to ensure that no one leaves the car. Leaving your car not only puts you at risk of being hit by another car, but it also puts you at risk of being attacked. Additionally, the tow truck company may arrive only to find that you are not in the area and they can’t do anything if the car owner isn’t available.

So, just try to remain calm and patient as you wait for help to arrive.

  • Do Not Accept Rides From Strangers

Regardless of how desperate you might be, you should refrain from accepting rides from strangers at all costs. In the case of an accident, good-hearted drivers may be willing to rush you to the hospital and that is understandable. However, if your car has just broken down, you are best waiting in your car for help to arrive. Some people may have bad intentions and may try to take advantage of you in your time of need.

So, there you have, these are just but some of the most important things that you need to do or keep in mind while waiting for your tow truck company to arrive. Remember, your safety isn’t something that you should compromise on. And suffering a car breakdown leaves you particularly vulnerable. But by following the above tips, you will ensure your safety and make the experience less stressful.

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